Shri Niketan Arts Commerce College is committed for excellence and innovation in teaching learning and all-round development of the students. Realizing the emerging need of quality in education, The Internal Quality Assurance Cell is established in July 2015 to develop a mechanism for systematic reviews of study programs and to ensure quality teaching-learning activities to enhance the learner’s knowledge. The mission of Shri Niketan Arts Commerce College is to create confident and responsible citizens of the nation who will work for the betterment of the society. The IQAC of the college continues with its focus on quality culture in terms of quality initiative, quality enhancement, and quality sustenance. It develops a system for constant, catalytic and cognizant academic improvements in all aspects of professional development of the institution.

          At present Higher education in India is witnessing a paradigm shift in education. These phenomenal changes have imposed new demands, novel challenges, among educational system in the country. As a caretaker of quality, we believe that IQAC is not just for data collection but to bring together all the stakeholders for the progress of the institution. Everyone collectively works for the development of the institution, but IQAC fosters them to achieve quality goals. Thus, our motto is to develop a quality system for consistent programmed action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the college.

Dr. Kanchan Joshi

Coordinator, IQAC